Security Question - Relations and Unused Sheets

I am trying to find a way to secure data in my app within the constraints of using Glide tables.

I am wondering: do all the data from a table get downloaded for each user if the data are only pulled in through relations to other tables?

For example, I am trying to make it so that only the people signed up to teach a session can see the feedback submitted by students. Sometimes there is only one teacher, sometimes there are multiple. I cannot make the list of faculty emails a row owner in Glide tables.

If I create a table of feedback submissions, and then create a relation between the User’s table (which is protected with row owners) and the feedback table to pull in each faculty’s feedback, but not use the actual feedback table as a data source in the app, will the data from that table still get downloaded to all users’ devices?

Relations are built on the user’s device, so yes, as I understand it, all data from the feedback table would still have to be downloaded first for the relation in the user table to then find all related rows in the feedback table. Since you are using that feedback table in some way, it is no longer an unused table.

I’m not sure of a good way to handle dynamically changing teachers and students except for creating multiple row owner columns in glide tables.