Data downloaded to the users browser- Security related

I am new to Glide. I have a question on data download that happens when a user access the app created using Glide.

  1. Does glide download all the columns in the sheet to the browser ? Does it apply any specific criteria to determine which columns in the spreadsheet to be downloaded?

  2. Is there a way to find the data downloaded by glide using browser developer tools?

If these questions are already answered , please point me to that post.


I recommend reading through the security center documentation

  1. Yes, Glide apsp do download all rows and all column data unless:
    A. You have implemented Row Owners, so only the userโ€™s own data is downloaded to their device
    B. You have marked columns as Protected, which will prevent them from being accessible to the app as well as being downloaded to the device.
  2. Yes, there are ways to obtain the data through the browser developer tools.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager

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