Project reload issues


Once a day (early in the morning) my users cant use the app because of a reload issue

I manually sync, then its fine for 24 hours and breaks again the next morning.

Would protecting my sheets cause this issue?

How is the Attractions table built? Are the headings part of a formula?

This is just a screeshot of Glide’s documentation.

But my tab that Glide can’t sync with is just a Query function based off an other sheet.

But the headings are also part of the formula? The problem is that sometimes glide will sync while the formula is running, so the table will be completely empty, including the headings. This causes the issue because glide thinks those columns were deleted from the sheet. It’s better to have static headings, and then put your formula on row 2.

I can try that, but my file as stayed the same for 5 months without changing and having no issues. The only thing that changed are other tabs in the file. Hence why I think the problem is me protecting the sheet. Just wondering if protecting would indeed be the issue.

Maybe you got lucky for 5 months. All I know is that you can and will have issues if the headings in your table come from a formula, as they can go blank for a short moment while the formula re-runs, and it can sometimes happen at the exact moment that glide is trying to sync the data. I’m pretty sure that is your primary problem regardless if it has worked in the past.

I don’t see a problem with protecting the sheet. I’ve protected sheets and ranges within a sheet without any problems.

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Yeah ok I can see how it can cause issues. I’m just baffled that it would happen 3 out of last 4 days haha.

Will make sure I have my headings static then. Let’s see if it unsyncs tomorrow :slight_smile: Appreciate the help Jeff. Keep you posted.

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