Problems with webview

Webview works fine on the builder but when it comes to using the app on any device it doesn’t work. I don’t have a pro app I think this could be the problem because of the PRO next to the element add.
If this is the reason is it possible to add a “webview” with Rich text.

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Thanks do you know if i can use Rich text to add a webpage to app

No, I don’t believe you can embed other sites through the Rich Text component. That’s what the WebView component is for.



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Don’t know if its only me but i can’t see the Web view in my Pro app while i’m in the builder , same on free app but i found it very useful to see it at least in the builder , has preview been removed?

It’s working normally for me.

Just to make sure, webview component is available on Glide Apps but not Glide Pages.

Back to working for me too on pro
but not on the builder side for free,
my iframe doesn’t seem to be loaded in phone mode,
but its…out of center in the tablet mode…
by the way ,thanks