Displaying KML

Is there a way to display a kml file in glide? I added the link to the map in the sheet but when you click on it in the app it takes you to a pin and doesn’t display the kml.

I got the link to take me to My Maps and display the kml, however is there a way to display it in the app itself?

You could look into embedding google maps through the google maps api.

After some searching I found that I could display the the map using the embed link given by google however this only shows the map in the builder and not in iOS. Another search says this is a bug? Is this still the case or does one need a PRO account to get the maps to render in the app?

The Web View component is a Pro only feature. The Open Web View action is available for all account types, but you will not be able to embed into an existing Details layout screen. You can see it in the builder because it’s available for development, but the release version of the app will not have that component if it falls under the free account.