Webview only shows webpage in design view

Hii ,i want to show a webpage with component webview, but this component only shows Web page on design view, in app doesn’t show the webpage.

Can you help me please ? Thanks

Not sure what you are asking…

Can you show a screenshot of how it looks like at the moment?

Webview is a Pro feature. Do you have a Pro app?
If your app is not pro, then what you describe is correct and expected.


I have the free version. I thought that webview component is also for free 'cause it appears in design view, but i can’t see the webpage when i try in my app.

In the designer UX it has a ‘Pro’ marked on the component when you select it.
Often people design as a free app first as building can take a while, then you have to pay for this feature (and some others) when you get further down the road (or hit a constraint that you need to pay to get round)


Ouuuh ok, thanks so much for your help, i appreciate it

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