How can I unlock the pro feature Webview?

I have a personal account for a very basic app for a non-profit. There are two sections of the app that would be great to have a direct webview link… their blogspot announcements board (which they access and post to via custom email), and their custom event brite calendar that links to their staff google calendar.

I’ve added the webview feature in the build itself - and it views nearly perfectly in the glide editor. But those webviews do NOT show in the app itself when viewed on my device.

This is likely the only feature that I would like to use and have unlocked - but they are a non-profit serving the IDD special needs community in my area and they really don’t need the extra expense.

Here is the support link:

Can anyone think of a sleek and doable workaround?

Thanks in advance!

You need to upgrade to pro plan

You can use a button with an action like this.

I believe this doesn’t require Pro.

@ThinhDinh’s answer is the best workaround for now. A button with the open link > webview is the way to go without a pro account.