Problem with form submission

Hello! Forms in some of my apps don’t work stable. When I push the send button, the form closes, but standard notification about form submission do not appear and information is not being send to google sheets. Sometimes it works well: 50/50.

Does anyone else have such a problem in your apps?

Never had my form submission not showing up in the sheet. Sometimes the “Sent” toast doesn’t show though. Maybe in 1% of cases.

That has been an issue when a) my laptop is overloaded and b) internet not working.
It has been an issue sometimes when Google Services are down.

Is this a recurring problem?

Sometimes I have a ping pong effect when I select a value using a choice component. The selected value disappears for 3-4 seconds and later it comes back and the problem disappears.

I want to guess it’s a problem associated to my internet service but I wonder if you have seen it as well?



Yes, I’ve seen this as well, but mostly in glide constructor. But sometimes it is also relevant for mobile version.

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Hi! I have evaluated that this could be caused by not very good internet connection.

However, it creates another quite important problem. There are a lot of places, especially outside a city, where the internet connection is not very good. And now it is hard to understand for app users whether their form was submitted or not. The only approval of submission is this small appearing window with tick mark, which sometimes do not appear at all.

I think, that it is necessary to make another indicator for the user that the form was not submitted and, ideally, “Try again” button. It is critically important for an app that takes orders because app owner can have problems with orders that have been sent by the client but not received by the google sheet.

I understand your concern.
But at the moment, any web app requires an internet connection to work.