Form no longer submitting data to Google Sheet

I’ve been playing around with Glide all day with a form I made and just finished up the project and was going through a final demo run and it suddenly stopped submitting to the Google Sheet attached. (Same thing happens with all my forms attached to Google Sheets. Everything else works in the app)

The form destination remains correct, the actions trigger on submission, however it just doesn’t send the data to the Google Sheet.

Are there API request limits or something like that I might’ve maxed out? I’m still on the free plan.

If I manually enter the data into the associated Google Sheet, then manually refresh the data source, it syncs with Glide.

It just doesn’t work the other way of Glide adding the data to the sheet.

Still having this issue. Any possible solutions?

Do you see those rows in Glide’s data view, or it doesn’t exist anywhere?

One of the actions on submission adds a row to the Users table and that works. The connection between the Google Sheet & Glide app just doesn’t work.