Privately sharing Template (from Non-Profit to Free account) don't works

i’m teaching “How-To make GlideApp” in a classroom (with a non-profit plan… thanks Glide :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) and i would like to share my templates explained at lesson as a base for customize the apps to my students that own a free glide account.
I’m able to create the template, publish it, create a link to share it privately, but when my students try to copy the template in their account the get always the “spin-wheel” and the operation never end.
What am in wrong ?
Thanks in advance

It’s known issue, and a long standing bug.

Private Templates can only be copied by the template owner. The way to work around it would be to have your students temporarily add you to their teams, and then you would be able to transfer a copy of the App from your team to theirs.

Wow this is so sad.
Thanks a lot for the support

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