Possible Glitch?


In the last 2 hours, was there any glitch/upgrade that may have caused a temp loss of data but has now recovered.

We have an app where we create jobs (delivery jobs). These jobs are then assigned to delivery drivers who will upload data (GPS locations, time stamps, pictures etc…).

In the last 2 hours we got reports that jobs started to show up as unassigned even though they were assigned, and drivers started to complain that they were loosing access to jobs or data they had populated was missing.

By the time I got to look into it, the issue had resolved itself and it seems like that the missing data recovered itself.

Anyone else experience anything ?

Hi @Dan_San :wave:

I’ve been experiencing glitches, but in my case I’m pretty sure the glitches were due to my ability (or lack thereof). Only speaking for myself. Located in Berlin, Germany. (No real apparent glitches here ; )

When in doubt, bookmark the Glide status page.