Log outs From The Builders


Is any one facing log outs multiple times from the builder now ?

I was logged out this morning. Glide was slow to load.

yeah, it just started happening to me - twice in the past 20 mins

Am still having the same problem my work is getting lost

Glide team is looking into it.

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I had a big scare, too, just now when some of my relations stopped working (Glide Tables), and I thought an entire table had lost its data. It is back now.

We have been seeing similar issues for the last 2 hours. We are also loosing data, the last/recently entered set of rows are disappearing when the APP comes back.

I’ve been advised that this should be resolved now. Please make a note in this thread if it’s still happening.

Do we know if there is any possibility to recover the lost data ?

@SantiagoPerez any update on the data lost ?


Have you submitted a ticket for this?

I didn’t am waiting for a response as it was a major affected outed so I thought as everyone is expecting a global resolution, unless you want me to avoid the community and always open a ticket ?

This was already solved. If you have an issue that might have been caused by this, I think you should submit a ticket so we can see what happened.

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Can confirm this was resolved for me during the same day this thread was created.