SERIOUS: LIVE Apps losing Data All Over The Place

Anybody else struggling? Help!

Can you please explain further, what kind of data, and where? I will check my apps and let you know what I find.

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My all apps are down :face_with_head_bandage:

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Getting Error 500 in builder and spurious behaviour in live apps - just checking further - bear with

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Everything’s working fine for me… Only that I’m not getting the pin to sign in :thinking:

no problems here…

Please include a link to your app if it’s not working so we can investigate

I am able to access all of my apps in the builder and they are live and working in production.

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@mark @david

Related issue perhaps? VERY frustrating when trying to edit app from GDE:

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We’ll have a fix for this problem soon.


Ok. This all happened very quickly. Roughly in this order:

  • GDE started going very slow
  • Updates to and from Google Sheet became incredibly slow
  • Data disappeared in the GDE (refreshing did not fix)
  • Unable to login to live apps
  • GDE just showed blank white screen with Server Error 500 please try later
  • I called 3 customers to reassure them (maybe 10 mins in total)
  • On return the GDE now seems stable (but slow)
  • Data appears to be back in place
  • I can now login

I have decided to stop building until I hear further as I am very worried about live system access and (heaven forbid) data loss. Have never had either with Glide to date so this is new territory for me. I have to say that the GDE has been “playing up” for me over the last few hours, which I have reported already.


I have had this problem for weeks now. The sync issue delays have been intermittent, but there are certain days when it takes several minutes to sync up. Even by pressing reload manually.

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Glide Data Editor is not showing data in sheet consistently and the app is behaving as with the data missing.

In Glide Data Editor :

In Sheet :

This app is trialling with live users … they are not impressed as you would expect !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


FYI - that is an element of what I experienced earlier.


I have the same issue with one of my apps, any solutions for that? Very frustrating

Glideapp encountered data error?

Today I re-enter my applications I created, but all have failed to access.

The design interface is normal. But then I discovered that:

  • All the apps I create and publish are gone. When the Share button is clicked, it is required to set up Plubic publishing and reset the address.
    This issue has a huge impact on customer applications.

thanks, nhưng, có những ứng dụng vẫn mở từng ngày mà vẫn thế, điều này hơi bất tiện đó

Good news my end so far today - normal service has been resumed


Could you please share the app where data between the spreadsheet and the app is inconsistent, and tell me where I can find the inconsistent cells?