Lost ROWS in APP

About 15mins ago I got a call that our APP was not loading.

While investigating, the builder was not responding, I came out of the app to the My Apps section where I would see ALL my apps, and it was stuck on loading, eventually it logged me out.

After a couple of minutes I was able to log back in, BUT, we are missing data after 5am EST. I took a look at Google Sheets and also there are no records after 5am EST. We estimate about 10 records have disappeared for us.

Anyone else experience any issues ?

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Also Faced Same Problem here in India

Hi everyone. Since a couple of hours ago, several of our customers adding orders through the app are not reflected in google sheets for some reason. This is a first for me.

Is it being worked on or is there another issue at hand that I can resolve from here?


Could you submit a ticket with a support link and a video showing the rows in both Glide and the Gsheets?


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