🆕 Please try the new Glide builder

Drag and drop is great and helpful. but…

The moment you drag and drop a hidden tab - it becomes visible. Would it be possible to keep the default order for all tab-items as TABs, MENU followed by hidden tabs. Its just makes it easier.

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This sounds promising. It would be very helpful if you could also make the PLAY mode and SELECT mode selectable with kybd commands. This will save a lot of mousing/clicking - and may complement your efforts to make SELECT mode more powerful.

Press and hold Command/Windows key.

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⌘+Option on Mac. Thanks.

Except it’s broken on Mac.

The idea of having the content (or artboard) flanked either side by panels is a familiar design pattern, think Figma, Sketch and to some extent Adobe etc. I use all three products in various ways and the idea works a treat, mainly because I rarely interact with the left panel as in most cases it is the right panel where all my action and work is focussed.

I haven’t got stuck in to the new Glide builder yet but from seeing the screen posted it seems both tabs will require equal focus which will make the process potentially frustrating. Also, having the panels side by side on the right, as proposed, is not a viable solution in my opinion as it just looks more messy and confusing, and will throw up some usability challenges.

I’ve just had a quick play with the new builder and I have to say I love it! Sure, nothing is perfect but I feel the trade off overall is more than worth it.

If the distance travelled between the left and right panels is a big issue for people then do what I do: just resize your browser screen!

It’s a simple solution, but stupidly effective.


I really appreciated your pragmatism. I struggle with a chronic case of Quixotism, so any time time I can remind myself to just let go a little and roll with can be therapeutic. So I resized a separate browser window and even accepted that I will no longer be able to jump between tabs as easily. Oh, and I need to make very different use of my 2 screen set-up. But, okay. Roll with it.

Then I opened the data editor and all hope was lost. I still appreciate your pragmatism, but sorry… this one isn’t gonna work for me. :no_good_man:

I have a solution for the data editor too: resize your browser screen!

Hi there,

How do I upload photos in the new data editor? I used to be able to double click the cell and the upload box popped up. That no longer happens.


That should still work (it does for me).
I know this might be obvious, but… is the column you are clicking in an Image column?

Hi @Darren_Murphy thanks for your response. Yes, it’s an image column. It doesn’t work for me anymore

May be already mentioned: Need confirmation dialogue on tab deletion. No mishaps yet but easy to happen.


Hi @Jason ,
Any chance to add the Icon to the tabs? Its really hard to work like this and my customer insist on not having titles :man_shrugging:t2:.

Also, will be happy yo talk to you when you fins the time.

have a great week.

Screenshot 2021-02-27 at 18.16.33

Are these the icons you mean?

No, I meean the icons on the tabs list. in many cases I don’t use nay title and in the old editor you could see the icon on the list and I used to it to find the right tabs but now I just see empty row when deleting the title.

Ha, yup. I just noticed after testing removing the title. I have an app like that, but haven’t worked on it with the new build. Probably just as well.

Thanks to the Glide team.
If I use Glide table to create App, does this mean that my APP can be execute in China?


@garrison, Resizing is a good idea.

Looks like the China question has been asked a few times, but there doesn’t appear to have been a definitive answer. I’ve done business in China, and have had to navigate the “great firewall” in the past.

Whilst I can’t give a definitive answer, I can make some educated guesses based on experience.

  • China blocks most (if not all) Google services. This means that Gmail authentication almost certainly won’t work.
  • China also blocks many other non-China domains.

It’s important to note that (AFAIK) there is no direct communication between Glide app clients and Google Sheets. The data flow with Glide looks like:

  • End User (client) <----> Glide Servers <-----> Google Sheets

So in theory, as long as the Glide servers are not blocked/filtered in China, then Glide apps should work. This should be the same whether you are using Google Sheets or Glide Tables.

The best way to find out is to try it. @Hsu_Mark are you in China? If you are, have you tried it? What was the result?

Edit: I should make it clear that the above speculation refers to using Glide apps in China. If you want to build Glide apps in China, that’s a different story. Given that the only way to log into the builder is via a Google account, then I would expect that it’s not possible to build Glide Apps in China (unless you want to start messing with VPN’s - which would be risky).

Some past posts on this topic: