Can we *please* have a different shortcut key for switching modes in the editor?

From the docs

You can select the different modes with your mouse in the bottom left, or toggle with Command (Mac) or Control (PC).

This is a really unfortunate choice of shortcut keys. I’m a Mac user, and the Command key is one of the most used keys on my keyboard. As a result, when I’m in the editor it is endlessly switching modes. It’s so, so, so annoying :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

To make things worse, the behaviour is inconsistent. Sometimes the toggling between modes works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it gets “stuck” in one mode (almost always the one I don’t want), and the only way to switch back is to click on the icon.

I understand that a single key toggle can be useful, but not when it starts to take over your life. Switching modes should be something that I deliberately choose to do, not something that’s inflicted upon me. So how about something like Cmd-m (or anything other than just Cmd on its own).

Do Windows users also face this frustration? And fellow Mac users? Or am I the only grumpy one?


Sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re not the only one. As a Linux/ChromeOS user, the command key isn’t used that much. However, the problem with the inconsistent behavior ALWAYS happens to me. It’s a bit very annoying.



I also agree. However I didn’t know about the shortcut prior to reading this thread.

So I’m actually in a better place then when I started.

Agree… but not annoyed :sunglasses:

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haha, okay… full disclosure
I also had no idea there were shortcut keys for mode switching. All I knew was the modes kept switching randomly and it was annoying the bejeebus out of me!
I was about to report it as a bug, and I thought before I stick my foot in my mouth I should check the docs just in case there was something I’d missed. As soon as I saw the line about the shortcut keys, the penny dropped and I realised what was going on :rofl:

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I may have found an answer to your mode getting “stuck”

Depending on the initial state of the pointers the command shortcut will work…or not work.

Initial state is pointer on the left = working
Initial state is pointer on the right = not working

Cheers :+1:

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yeah, which makes it even worse (for me, at least).
I generally mostly use play mode (left), so it’s always jumping into select mode.

It’s most annoying when I go to take a screen capture (Cmd-Shift-4).
As soon as I hit the Cmd key, it jumps into select mode and you get that blue outline around whichever component is selected. So I have to Esc out of screen shot mode and start again. Every. Time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :scream: