😍😍 - Component selector in Pages

I just realised the component selector in Pages is live. Wow!
This makes things so much easier especially for those screens with a lot of components…
You don’t even have to switch views but uses the hover effect to highlight the components…
Thank you Glide team :clap::clap:


I’m sure I saw something similar to this in staging a while back. Nice to see its made its way into production :+1:

And it’s much better than the way it behaves in Apps, with that annoying hotkey switching that hijacks your keyboard :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I really wish there was a way to disable that.

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I agree, this is so much better…

When working with Apps, I would sometimes forget that my Apps were in select mode and start to panic when I press a button on the App in the builder and nothing happens. I would of course realise this a few minutes later that I was on selector mode…
This is so much better…

I work almost exclusively in Play mode, and it gets me every time I take a screenshot. The key combination on a Mac to select an area and screenshot it is Cmd-Shift-4. So every time I go to take a screenshot, I hit my Cmd key, the builder immediately switches to Select mode, and I get a blue box around one of the components, which ruins my screenshot, and I swear really really loudly.

I’ve had to train myself to take the cursor context away from the Glide builder by clicking in another window before I take a screenshot. But sometimes I forget…


Your message is really funny :joy: But I agree with you the hotkey on Mac is anything but funny.

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I like to use humour to get my point across. But alas, my grumpy old mans sense of humour quite often goes straight over the top…


I’m not seeing it in production…screenshot?

I guess I’m alone in saying that I love the MacBook keyboard shortcut. I find myself command-clicking on components in Pages only to frustratingly scroll through my list of components in the left hand panel.

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yep, I’m still seeing it. I really like this method much better …


But if I have a screen with 40 components on it, scrolling through that list isn’t helpful. I want to just select the component I see in front of me.


oh, right - so you want it to work the other way around.
I get what you mean, I guess I don’t see it as a problem as I rarely have that many components on a single screen.

I get that command click isn’t the best hot key, but I’d prefer ANY hot key to bring this back…that or right clicking a component to select it which apparently you can’t do in pages either.

Yeah, I’d be perfectly happy with the same behaviour as we have in Apps, if only it was a different shortcut key. In fact, I requested this almost 2 years ago…

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Yeah …I see what you mean now. I think I was too excited to notice that it’s not actually the same thing as in Apps but rather a hover effect…
But even so, it is a step in the right direction. This is better than nothing at all :hugs:.
Fingers crossed the actual component selector as in Apps is in the making…:wink:


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