Component selector in Pages (Play/Select mode)

It would be super helpful to have the component selector in Pages. In some of my complex screens, I get lost when I want to make changes to a component in terms of visibility or any other change…

What do other Gliders do in the meantime to counter this challenge.
I am not referring to using containers, any other possible solutions to this?

@Lucas_Pires taught me a long time ago to just right click on the component you want to work with, and the settings will pop up in the right panel. Is that what you mean?


Exactly :point_up:t3:

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Yes, I never thought of that. I will try that until they release the selector for Pages as well. This is very helpful. Thanks @Jeff_Hager and @Lucas_Pires :pray:

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My apologies @Jeff_Hager, it’s actually not the same thing I am looking for…I was too quick to celebrate because this thing is actually a pain for me…

You see with Apps, there is play mode and selector mode, whereby you can click on the component on the App screen and the component is highlighted on the component side panel and then you can work with it.
For pages once you have these buttons on the screen, it’s difficult to know which one it is on the side panel especially if the naming of the components is not too different…

So right clicking on the component in the app screen doesn’t select the component in the component panel and show the component settings in the settings panel on the right hand side?

YES! I’ve requested this from @Ivo_Elbert quite a few times now. PLEASE bring back “selection/play” modes in Glide Pages!

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That is in the backlog of things TODO, though that backlog is quite huge… We’ll get to it.


Thank you! Enjoy your vacation!

Can you change this to a feature request so we can vote for it since it’s really needed in pages



This is now live in pages and works like a charm. Thanks Glide team


I can’t see this on my end

Can you @Darren_Murphy ?


Got it, Just cleared Cache and it appeared

Thanks @Darren_Murphy & @Luther for the heads up!


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