🆕 Direct Interaction

We’ve made a significant change to the way you interact with your app in Glide. You’ll now see two modes in the builder ‘Play Mode’ and ‘Select Mode.’

This is a very new feature, so please explore and give us your feedback!


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: I usually used to make mistake while updating filters or assigning column’s. Thanks to this now, it can be avoided :blush:.


Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yeah. It’s cool. Like always.

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Even when you’re in Play mode you can Cmd/Ctrl-click a component to open its settings.


Wonderful feature! Thank you Glide team. This will save so many clicks and hours.


OMG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Love you guys

Thx Glide Team a really helpful update!:beers:

Great new feature! tx!

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for glide? Would be pretty sweet to have some to switch between these modes for example. Or add new component, switch between layout/tabs/data editor etc.

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What does this feature do? Sorry, I’m super curious and away from my computer!

It lets you choose a component on the screen and the right hand side menu will show you that component’s settings instead of taking an action like in the live app.

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@Jaime Here you go.

Oh damn I should have read :sweat_smile:

Still, more keyboard shortcuts would be sweet!

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Undo (CTRL+Z) and Redo (CTRL+SHIFT+Z) on windows work.

This is pretty fantastic, thanks!

Previously the only interaction in the Preview area was actually tapping on the components as you would be using the app. For example, if you tap a button it is supposed to trigger the action associated with it. Now with the new Select mode, it is supposed to let you select the actual components so you can access its properties in the right panel more quickly, or move it quickly up and down once selected, and avoid having to do an indirect reordering of the components by going to the main list of your view’s components and dealing with drag and drop :wink:

It is mainly supposed to be more efficient and allow you to do things in a different and easier/faster way.


Right now, besides the convenient Cmnd/Ctrl-click switch mode shortcut, there’s also the right click menu that you can invoke in order to quickly move up/down, duplicate a component, or delete it right away. Let us know which exactly would you love to see coming next!


This should be a helpful feature for those long pages. Thanks gents!

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Often there is the situation that you select a source for the tab to have the right columns etc., but when you click details view to build the tab, you have a ton of components - in some cases I have 50 components and must delete them one by one. A tool to mass delete multiple/all components in the Details view would be very nice to have. Thank you!