Glide seems to be deleting components from my screen while I am working on it

Everytime I try to edit the Title of the inline component it is deleted as shown in the video below:

And the same behavior in this freshly copied template.


I see two bugs:

You have this language selection tab at the start, and when you select a language in the builder, the tab visibility changes, but the right panel still shows the components for the language selection tab, not for “Inicio”. So when you add an inline list it adds it to the language selection tab.

The second bug, which is the inline list disappearing when you edit the title, is a mystery to me. Does that happen every time you do it?

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Hi @Mark this is the bug I’m talking about. It is happening always. Also in a fresh copied template as I shown in my second video. Aren’t you able reproduce it?

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I just figured out what the bug is. If you’re in “Select Mode”, Glide will interpret you pressing the “Delete” key as you wanting to delete the component. We’ll fix that ASAP. Thank you so much for reporting it!


This way you avoid the error. Can you report when this is fixed? Thanks for your assistance.

Hola @darder

I could reproduce your problem but this happens only in “Select Mode” as Mark wrote.


Instead, working in “Play Mode” everything works fine even by using Ctrl-Click on the component and changing its Title later.



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@Mark Not sure to understand what you mean… this language selection feature is working fine…



The bug is in Glide, not in your language selection :wink:


Now… I see what you mean… two bugs for the price of one … :wink:

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Thanks for the correction @David! Now looks more helpful! :smiley:

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i have had components disappear! thought i was crazy…so the way around is to always stay in play mode?

This is fixed.

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