Indicate which component I am working on

I’m building many components per Page with multiple visibility scenarios making for a long, tedious left-hand column in my layout screen. It would be most helpful if when clicking a component in the land-hand column, it somehow highlighted that container on the Page. Vice versa, if I click on a component on the page/tab layout, it highlights the container in the left-hand column.

I do appreciate the ability to edit the container name in the left-hand column.

Thanks for allowing us to place wishes here.

Have you tried clicking on the component + CTRL? If you click on the component in either the left hand column, or on the component itself, and press CTRL at the same time, it will highlight it in the opposite location.

Never heard of that trick. But unfortunately, that idea isn’t working.

I know!!! @Ivo_Elbert please bring back selection va play mode in pages! I use it in apps religiously.


I’ve been spending time in Pages rather than apps. I completely forgot about selection mode/play mode in Apps.

YES! YES! YES! It needs to be added to Pages.

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I agree, we should add select mode in pages.

Currently, if you hover over a component in the left panel, it gets a blue outline. That’s useful, but not perfect.


Apologies :man_facepalming: I need to do a better job of reading before responding. I’ve never used Pages but I know this works in Apps!

I think the reason this has no votes is because we only get a limited number of votes.

Yes its only in app and not in pages and its a power full tool indeed

Please bring it