🆕 Please try the new Glide builder

I had the same issue and wiped out an entire screen with lots of embedded logic :cry:

Good thing I remember my logic (mostly) so I was able to recreate (albeit painfully). If there isn’t already a feature request for version history rollback capability, that would be a great add!

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It’s a good idea. You’ve my vote.

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I’m mondering if it’s possible for us to use the old builder (if/when the builder is online) for another week if we choose.

Oh my goodness, YES. I do this several times a day accidentally.


It’s the arrow. Possibly the wrong visual cue. Can just be a Glide logo or something like that…

First of all congratulations on moving to a new UI. Initial impressions - looks pretty good.
I have two issues with the layout though:

Please move the hidden tabs to the very bottom

  1. The Layout menu split between left and right side of the screen is pain in the NECK (literally). Why not keep the style same as that of “Settings” two panels side by side.

You can drag-and-drop your tabs, hidden or not, wherever you’d like.


Has this been pushed out yet? I’m still seeing this:

“Chats” at the bottom is a Glide table.




When I try to create a new action. Part of the box is cut off by the left side panel.

Also, how do I delete tabs in this new builder?

Hi Jen - the issue with left side panel was reported earlier. Try refreshing the page, or exiting the builder and go back in. To delete a tab, right-click on it.

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Thanks Darren! Both solutions work.

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Thanks David and all the members of the Glide dev team.
I am looking forward to using the new editor :grinning:

I support this remark! It annoys me very much that now when switching between tabs I have to re-expand the Inline list every time. Why did the new Glide stop remembering the last screen state?

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Several times today (in France), the editor no longer saves the changes, except that there is no longer the error message.

So :

  1. returning the error message (or something flashing), it was annoying, but I knew when to refresh.

  2. why does the publisher no longer record?
    I have a very stable and good quality internet connection!
    are you having difficulty?
    is it linked to updates?

I would like to give you more info or details but impossible to detect the moment.

for information :
Windows 10, Chrome, localization France.

I see same problem in glide tables and had requested @Mark to look at this before the outage 2 days ago.

I believe once everything back to normal he’ll fix this as well.

new Glide Interface feeling


How do add the ability for users to add content for a tab? it used to be on the tab, but I can’t find a way to do that