Please tell me how to bookmark the book

After reading a book, I want to display it as a bookshelf.
Is there no way to display it in an inline list?

Hola @_ffwpu

Do you want to display it only for you or for all your users?

If it is only for you, you can add the favorite component and use Glide native favorite column. Then on the inline list you filter it by favorite is true.

If it is for everybody to see, you can add a switch component and create a boolean column to which you will attach the switch component. Then on the inline list filter is by that boolean is true.

I hope this helps.

I did as you said, but it doesn’t work. Could you please attach an image or video?


I hope this helps.

I mentioned the trebuchet method, here it is: [Advanced] Trebuchet Method 🔗 - List of Items/users in one cell!

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