Please help Questionnaire is not working!

Hi so i run a financial consulting business and I use my app to collect client data for me as a questionnaire. This just started happening a few days ago. In my editor; When I click the submit button it doesn’t proceed to the questionnaire. It just says submitted. I receive info in my spreadsheet but i can’t view their inputs in my back office editor. Please help I’m having issues and I have client’s on standby.

Hey ! Thanks for sharing your issue with the community. In order to help you get the most suitable information based on your problem, I’d recommend you to move your topic to #help-how-to category. You may use this category to ask general questions or get help with something from the community. This will help us to keep the topics organised :slight_smile:

About your question, have you checked if there’s a latency between submission and addition in the spreadsheet ?

Hope this helps !

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What do you mean by Back Office Editor? Is the button supposed to do anything after they click it other than add a new row? Do you have other actions set up to navigate to another screen after the row is added? Do you have any screenshots of how things are set up and supposed to work?

This is in the app editor only, and should not happen in your apps:

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