Form button not adding row to sheet

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I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s causing this. I’m building a scheduling/billing app for my son’s lawn care business. It has 4 main tabs: Customers, Yards, Jobs, and Billing. I use one tab as the home screen. All other tabs are accessible through the pullout menu. On the main page, upcoming jobs are listed in calendar view. To schedule a job, I have a button on the main page that takes you to a list of customers. You select the customer, then select one of their yards, then click a Form Button to schedule the job for that yard. The form pulls in attributes from the yard record, and you select a date/time before submitting. For some reason, when submitting the form, the new row never gets added to the sheet. I don’t have any formulas on that sheet. I do have an installable trigger for OnChange events, but I don’t think this is the culprit, as the problem exists when disabling that trigger. All other form buttons work within this app that write to other sheets. I can even edit existing records in the Jobs sheet using the edit function. Adding Jobs using the + symbol in the top right corner doesn’t work either.

It should be noted that I have several Lookup and Template fields which were added in the Data editor within Glide. I came across a thread that mentioned a bug with lookup fields blocking new rows, so it may be related.

I’ve attached a copy of my app, stripped down and user data removed to protect the innocent. Please take a look at it to see if it’s something in my design, so I can stop messing with this app and let my son start using it.

Maybe this will help explain what I’m seeing. I get kind of long-winded when I try to explain things. :wink:

Sorry, I can’t help, but that’s a pretty cool app. I hope you get your solution soon.

Thanks. I’ve been working on it for a while. I’m so ADD that every time Glide pushes out new updates, I think I have to incorporate them into my app. Most of the time I end up breaking things, and spend way too much time making things work again. I’m pretty sure that this Form Button issue has something to do with the amount of lookup columns I have in the Jobs sheet in Data Editor. I may try to dumb it down a little to see if that gives me back the New Row feature.

Anyone? @david Has this been reported before? Can someone take a look at the data editor in my app to see if there’s some kind of conflict on the Jobs sheet?

Thanks for any feedback.

I’m looking at it.

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This is a Glide bug. We’ll fix it soon. Sorry.

Should be fixed. Thank you for reporting!

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Thank you!!! I was about to rebuild that whole sheet, because I thought I had too much going on in it. Sorry you had to see that mess. lol. I can probably make it cleaner, I just keep thinking of new ways to do things as I learn more about this awesome platform. And you guys keep adding cool new features that I want to incorporate. Thanks again!!

It’s exciting to see you push the limits of Glide. :slight_smile:

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I looked under the hood of your app and it seems to be missing a few References and formulas to make it function smoothly.

I couldn’t understand the formulas and the flow, but it was easier for me to rebuild the app myself using my own formulas and links and it seems to be working fine.

You can check it out here

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You didn’t make it copyable so the OP can take his look under the covers of what you did.


I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat. I don’t do any of the old column relation syntax in sheets. All of my relations and lookup info is in the Glide Data Editor. I like to assign unique IDs, now that they are available, for each record and reference them for relations. Then I create lookup columns to pull in data from the related sheets that I need to see in the detail views. I guess I try to keep it as much like a relational database as I can. I know it’s messy looking, but I didn’t start from scratch with all the tools that are currently available in Glide. This has sort of been my learning app. When I learn how to do something new, I use this app to try it out.

I did like your take on the app. My son doesn’t charge set prices for each service. He just bids the job with one price. I can see where that would be useful, though.

Hello, sorry to bring back an (old) bug, but my sheet does not update when submitting a form.

I cannot share the app due to names, addresses, and phone numbers in the sheet. However, the sheet does contain some ArrayFormulas for computing date and time. The submission shows up in the Glide Data screen but not on the actual spreadsheet. And yet, the ArrayFormulas work just fine in the app builder, displaying as intended.

Did I miss something? I have a strong feeling that the ArrayFormulas are getting in the way of a proper form submit.

look your new row is not at the very bottom of the sheet


As @Gerard_Fernandez says look at the very bottom of all your empty rows. When you use an array formula in a column and Google appends a row of data, it sees something in all the rows of the sheet because of the arrayformulas. So in order to add it appends an additional row to the very end. All sheets that have arrayformulas should be set up with no empty rows. As rows are added via Glide they will just be appended to the end and no gaps of empty rows will be seen.

@Gerard_Fernandez, @George_B, what you guys say is correct and is clearly understood. However, the sheet only has 2 rows with data. I’ve gone through the steps of erasing any ghost rows and columns. So it would be hard to array additional rows when the rest of the sheet is completely empty. As a matter of fact, when a new row with data is entered where an arrayformula intersects, an error is raised, saying that it cannot overwrite data in an already populated cell for that column/row.

I really do believe that Glide thinks there is data and is indeed appending the row to the bottom of sheet, wherever that may be.

EDIT: After deleting all of the contents up to the new row entry, it seems as though my problem fixed itself. Thanks George and Gerard. :thumbsup:

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Hello, this looks great. Could you make it copyable? Does your app change availability depending on what bookings are scheduled in?