Form not adding new records

My app’s URL:

Before you ask - I have already looked at the bottom of the Google Sheet AND deleted all empty records.

We add new records via a button inside our app. Once we hit submit, the new item shows up just in the app until I leave, then it’s gone. It is not showing up in the Google Sheet at all.

Here is an example. Also I have noticed that the date/time format isn’t matching the original. This error just started showing last week. It was working before (I’ve had this same app/sheet for the past year).

Column A, B, and L are arrays.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated. Things I have already tried with no luck:

  • Completely New spreadsheet file
  • New sheet tab
  • Deleted original new record button and recreated

I’ll also mention I have 2 other apps with 2 different sheets and those 2 apps are working fine.

Thank you anyone who offers to help! My brain is mush.


Welcome to the community @Lori_Roberts.

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Check the bottom of your sheet (like 1000 rows down).

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Thanks for the feedback, but there are only 7 rows as shown in the image. I’ve deleted all empty rows prior.

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Sorry about that! It’s the most common issue I’ve seen here!

I’m not sure what else could be happening… is your form pointing to the right sheet? Are you getting the “Sent” message after hitting submit? Did you recently remove anything from the sheet or the Glide Editor (I’ve recently seen an issue when people remove the “Row Owner” feature.