Using forms to edit row in sheet

im setting up a volunteer app
Step 1: Admin adds a openshift
Step 2: User clicks Sign up Button that will link to the row created by admin and sign up (either add their Name and have it reference email or vice versa) and sign up

((Work Around)) Right now i have a text edit component on the detail screen that adds the data to the row instantly and a check mark button that confirms they want to sign up but id like it to be seperate form so i can trigger a workflow to email me when someone signs up for a shift

i don’t want users to be able to EDIT the Job though, i just want them to be able to sign up

Then remove the job component that allows them to edit the job.

Or do you really want a form button which will write the user and the job details to a separate sheet?

i wanted a form button but i also want it to write on the same row just adding in the details of the user

Forms can’t write to existing rows. New rows only. I would use the Edit option and just remove the components you don’t want the user to touch.

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thank you

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