Form info wont show on app or spreadsheet

response form data entered will not show on app nor spreadsheet, test entries sometimes show on users app but not other users apps/phone but also disappear when app is exited. issue started yesterday. randomly appeared blank responses only show checkbox and not any text boxes.

Need a few screenshots please.

At a minimun one that shows how the form is configured, and one that shows the data editor view of the table the form submissions are going to.


have no idea where data editor view of the table is

When you are in the Glide Builder, you’ll see 3 icons at the top in the middle of the screen:

  • The one on the left takes you to the Data Editor
  • The one (two) in the middle takes you to the Layout View

Could I please have:

  • a screen shot from the Data Editor, that shows the table that your form data is written to
  • a screen shot from the Layout View that shows your form (please ensure both the left and right hand panels are visible)

The earlier screen shot that you posted doesn’t provide any context, and doesn’t even look like it’s part of a form.

Okay, thanks.

That all looks okay. Now just getting back to your original question:

Just to be clear - when a user submits the form, do you see any data appear in the Form Responses table in the Glide Data Editor?

no data appears anywhere

Even if you test it in the App Builder, you still see no new row appear in the Data Editor?

If that’s the case, it might be possible that your App has somehow become out of sync or disconnected from your spreadsheet source. Although if that was the case I’d expect that you’d be seeing errors in the builder.

If you go to the Data Editor and do a manual data sync (look for the icon at bottom left), what happens?

get the notification that glide can not reload the sheet


It would be useful to know exactly what the error message was, but anyway…

Have you removed any columns in your spreadsheet recently?
If you have, that might have caused the sync to start failing.

If that’s the case, you could try restoring those columns and re-sync.
If that doesn’t work, you could try replacing the datasource under Settings → Data → Data Sources. Just replace the existing sheet with itself. That sometimes will work.

Oh sheet!

Glide could not reload the sheet.

no columns were removed. the data is coming from a fillable form in the app itself so can not replace with the existing sheet info