Form submission not submitting

Has anybody ever had issues with form submissions not registering? I have a user who has had an issue for the past 2 or 3 weeks. She enters her lessons for the day using a form button to enter each lesson. Sometimes when the app hasn’t been used for awhile, the very first submission doesn’t register (Sent popup doesn’t show either). I can fairly reliably reproduce this. I’m just wondering if anybody else has had a similar issue.

I also have a sandbox app in staging that’s a complete mess, but I am running into a similar issue. It’s staging, so take that for what it worth, but I create a form button on a page and for the life of me, can’t get it to actually submit the form.

In both situations, it acts as if the submission is working (minus the Sent popup). And yes I have checked the bottom of the sheet to make sure it’s not writing to the bottom. I’m pretty sure there is a bug, but I can’t quite put my finger on what’s causing it. I can share the app and a video privately with the team if needed.

Please share the app and video, we haven’t seen forms that submit without confirmation and not add to the sheet.