Form not recording submission

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I made an app to speed up the attendance for an organization. To do this I have a form under each event that the user picks a code from a list. I then use their email in the spreadsheet to confirm they were at each event. Lately, the forms are not recording all of the submissions, therefore the attendance is inaccurate.

This is causing major issues since last week only 1/2 of the people there were accounted for.

Are you sure the rows don’t end up in your spreadsheet way down?


Does one person take attendance, or does each individual person record their attendance? Could it be that the users are hitting the back button instead of submit? Have you seen a form submit successfully submitted, but not get recorded first hand? Any internet connection issues at a particular location?

I spoke to Claire privately. There’s a bug where if many rows are added to a table at the same time, some of them can get lost. This is actually a bug in Google Sheets, but we can fix it on our end, now that we know about it. We’ll do that in the next weeks, but in the mean time, you can avoid the bug by deleting all empty rows at the bottom of the sheet.

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