Please help me fix my broken list layout

Hello, all. I hope everyone is doing well! I have a Glide app that I am having trouble fixing. So, a couple of weeks ago, one of the Glide experts helped me fix an issue, which caused another issue. I tried to fix that issue and it made one of my feeds lose content, which does not appear on the app, BUT appears in the spreadsheet database. I even have a previous copy of the app that I have been trying to use as a map to get my newer app to behave in, regarding this particular feed and for some reason, it is not working. Any help?

Can you give us some screenshots?

Will do!

Here is the look of the old app:

Here is the look of the new app (The one that I am trying to get to look like the old app):

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide!

Firstly in the second app, seems like your image is pointing to the wrong column? Shouldn’t it be pointing to the image one?

I completely agree! Trouble is, when I try to find the same options in the dropdown menu of the second app version, that is within the first app’s dropdown menu, it gives me a completely different set of options. Here are a couple of screenshot examples:

Here is the second app:

Can you make your app copyable and send it to me in the private message? I will copy that back and see what’s the problem under the hood to fix it for you.

ABSOLUTELY!!! One sec!


You changed your Card list to a Tile list, with horizontal layout.

  1. Change it back to Card layout
  2. Set your Data bindings back to how they appear in your first screenshot.

In general, make your Properties (sidebar on the right) look like they looked when your app worked originally.

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I would also check and make sure you still refering to the same data sheet, that could be why your not seeing the image list.

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Question about the Pro account. I have a Pro account with the version of the app that I am having trouble with, but I do have 2 prior versions of the app in my dashboard that I can revert back to and change. In making the changes to the former revised app, will my Pro status also be extended to all of the other apps in my dashboard or just the one I have a Pro account with? If not, am I able to transfer my Pro status to another app within my dashboard?

Perfect! Thank you!

Old-style subscriptions can be transferred, but new subscriptions since September 1 can simply be downgraded and upgraded.

  1. Downgrade the app you don’t want to be Pro
  2. Upgrade the other app you want to become Pro

When you downgrade, you get credit for unused time. When you upgrade, you are only charged a pro-rated amount until the next billing cycle. So downgrade-then-upgrade is equivalent to a transfer.

Tried that, and it just charged my account $140. I had already had the Pro account with the other app, purchased a few days ago. This isn’t quite what I had in mind. How long will it take to get my refund? I basically purchased the Pro plan for the year, twice.

Basically, I bought the Pro plan for 1 year, on November 30th at $140.00. You guys just took another $140.00 from me for upgrading the other app, after I followed your instructions to downgrade the other app. Is being charged $280 a part of the downgrade and upgrade process?