Pro App subscription

How do I get Pro subscription restored to apps? I had to get new card due to theft of original associated with Glide, am pretty sure I changed the card info last month.

I never received any notice of any issues (i.e. late or denied payment) so assumed all was good. But yesterday I started getting glide ads when I opened the app, and then got message that app storage was full.

So I went into billing, saw that the card change was not there, so I entered the new card info again, made the payment. App is still showing as public, “upgrade” expects me to create a new subscription.

Is there no way without having to creating a new subscriptions?

I am not sure what you mean. When you upgrade an app to Pro, you go through an upgrade flow, and it adds the app to your subscription.

I think @Joe_Groh is saying that he changed the Cc at the team folder level but his pro apps within the team folder are no longer pro?

I had an existing subscription for 3 apps, not sure why I have to go through the process again. Especially since I received no notice that there was any issue.

That’s correct Robert.

If your payments failed, then your apps were likely downgraded. All you need to do now is upgrade the ones you want to be Pro again – it should take maybe one minute per app. We do not have the ability to automatically restore your Pro apps just by fixing your credit card–Glide has ‘forgotten’ which apps you wanted to be Pro.

Why do you not want to go through the process of upgrading? Once your CC is saved, it should just be four clicks to upgrade each app: Upgrade → Choose Pro → Next → Confirm. It takes much more time to talk about the process here, than to simply perform it!


Because it’s customer service 101, which you are lacking in. That you don’t know such basic info about accounts is kind of shocking. Also surprised there was no notice that card failed. Obviously you’re more tech than business. This is why I’ve not moved bigger clients to you, instead only non-profits who have limited budgets.

And I’m not sure if your rate plans have changed, nor what was included in my original plan, which could have been changed.

We definitely send emails when your credit card fails—I’ll check to see what happened in your case.

Until recently, we didn’t cancel your subscription even if your payment failed. It’s possible your payments failed a while ago, and we emailed you, but the apps only cancelled recently.