Unable to pay for my subscription - suddenly lost apps access


I am a paid user of Glide for more than 1 year. I am presently on the Starter plan and paying each month. Suddenly I have lost access to the apps. When I logged in to check I could see my Starter plan is no longer active. I have tried to rectify the situation by paying for the Starter plan again ($25) however each time I try to do that I receive the below error msg:

Payment for this subscription requires additional user action before it can be completed successfully. Payment can be completed using the Paymentintent associated with 'subscription.latest_invoice
Additional information is available here:

I have tried paying by entering credit card directly and also through the Link option (credit card). In both cases I get the same error at the end.

Pls urgently help as I want to pay by credit card but unable to. Myself and my users have lost access to my apps.

I’m not sure Chloe’s comment (she’s a bot) was all that helpful.

The error message you are receiving is a little cryptic.

Here are a few ideas that might help:

  • Create a new team, transfer the app to this new team, apply the paid plan you wish to this new team.
  • Different browser
  • Incognito tab/window
  • Delete Glide-related cookies

If all fails, contact Glide support.

Thanks Nathanael.

Turns out the issue was to do with a failed payment for the last invoice. I was able to clear it by going to the payment history page and doing it from there!


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