Tile list broken tonight? Glide update happening?

The first tab on my app - tile list display - is not working. This is happening on my live app and my recent copies. Images aren’t displaying and list cuts off and goes blank. My other tabs seem to be working, what’s going on???

The day before yesterday I noticed that they added an indication of the selected element in the Pages editor. Yesterday I noticed that they changed the way of indication. Most likely they are constantly updating something.
Just drink coffee and start again.

Hey @Katelyn_Alberts, on tiles, the image array column won’t work. You need to choose a single image column.
CleanShot 2022-08-25 at 12.20.19@2x

Thanks! I did notice that and i fixed it last night which worked for the pictures. It’s still acting funny in the builder and making all the listings disappear while scrolling up or down, but luckily it’s only happening in the builder so far and not on public use.

That does still sound like a bug so if you can report it, it would be great.



submitted, thanks.