Plan changes

Let me see if I understand the new plan policy, before I had a business account in which I paid a total of 249 dollars per month, I was entitled to 25k updates where I generally used everything I was entitled to

Now with the new plan you are reducing from 25k to just 10k, and charging me double the price for the additional update? ($0.01 per update now $0.02)

It’s becoming unfeasible to work like this, correct me if I got it wrong

We discuss this quite a bit over on the main thread:

The numbers you mention are accurate, but if you’re using Glide tables, then typical CRUD actions incure ZERO updates now!

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Last night’s downgrade bug made me stop to understand these new plans, I hadn’t updated yet, this change in updates sounds interesting to me, reducing the quantity but leaving glide table updates unlimited seems like a fair exchange

However, this change in users seems very strange to me, if I want to maintain the Bussines Plan (I currently have 71 private users and 29 public) having a reduction to just 20 users, paying $10 per is extremely bad.

This means that I have to go from $249 to something around $810, that is, more than 3 times what I used to pay. (I’m not even going to go into the merits of countries with a devalued currency like my Brazil, which multiplies the value by 5x)

Maker plan doesn’t make sense to me because I need the API to query the data via Python, unless they release this function it’s out of the question