Performance degradation

We are starting to roll out a simple time entry app. While the performance on a Mac Pro and developer account is acceptable we have encountered performance degradation in other countries ie France and Germany on MS Notebooks using Chrome. At this stage we are testing a simple calendar app with a very low number of users (<10). While reviewing all aspects of the environment and internet traffic we have noticed that a significant number of error messages is being displayed at the chrome consoles. Here an example:

Does anyone know if this is normal or could it be part of the problem?

Can you specify which version of Chrome are they using?

When you say “performance degradation”, do you mean they’re slower to load, or something else?

Most users use Chrome version:

The delays occur already when switching menu items:

But than there are these messages in the console:

Honestly I have no idea what those errors mean, maybe a Glide support person can answer that better.

How many rows do you have for that app? What type of data source are you using?

Plain vannila tables very rudimentary
No API at all…simple collection:

Opening the app is already causing traffic:

I see you have contacted support regarding this. They should have a better insight on this thing.