🐒 SIGNIFICANT lag in Data Editor

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Hey Robert!

Could you get on a call with me? I need to see whats going on with your machine. Every machine I can test shows a 5 - 15x improvement in performance.


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Just curious. Do you have a lot of realtime date math that uses β€˜Now’? Just wondering if there would be a lot of realtime processing happening locally if there is constant calculation with the β€˜Now’ value constantly changing.

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Just to be clear, yes the issue is 2 fold.

  1. The new data editor shows a lot more data at once, requiring more data to be computed at once
  2. Roberts app has a lot of computed columns that are performing poorly. We are working on this.

Hm. On one of my screens I do have a now function that feeds a template that I use for relations. Hm.

I haven’t delved much into using Now other than the calendar app I made a few weeks ago, and I had kind of got that vibe with the editor feeling a bit slower. I could definitely see a lot of processing taking place if things need to recalc every second or few seconds. Does chrome on mac have the built in chrome task manager like it does on windows? Would be interesting to monitor cpu and memory usage when you are in and out of the data editor.

almost the same thing happens to me now only that the values ​​of the relations give me another column