Glide Editor Performance recently

I am recreating a bunch of tables (40-50 columns each) and the editor seems crazy slow. I have two instances of Glide running, one in Safari (old app) and one in Chrome (new app with new tables). I have rebooted my MacBook and GDE is the ‘main’ app I am using.

I also did a demo running three versions of the ‘client app’ in three chrome windows as three different users. It seemed less responsive than in the past.

Has anyone else measured/‘felt’ performance lagging recently with all the new additions/features?

Does Glide have a recommended client kit for MacOS?

Is it time to upgrade?

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What MacOS version are you on? I don’t see any problems on Ventura 13.2.1.

MacOS 12.6.3

I don’t have any apps with a bunch of tables with 40-50 columns each, so that also might be a source of problem. Again, don’t have any lagging problems recently after the new additions/features, we have been testing it for a few weeks.

Thanks Thinh.

Is most the GDE processing local so a faster system would be faster overall performance?

My internet is OK (50 Mb to 200 Mb) - not blazing.

Same here, Glide Editor is lagging at points, i even have to wait few seconds for a click or text inputed to appear becomes impossible to work. It usually ends with a crash or I have to close Glide entirely and open it again.
This only happens during peak hours of app usage, when other users are updating data.
Its important to note we usually have 8000 to 10000 rows and probably some 600-1000 computed columns. We also use a Google Sheet source so Glide has to sync as well. I guess thats the main reason for most of the lagging

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I’m not sure about that. @Jeff_Hager and @Darren_Murphy might know better.