Glide Pages - show edit screen delay in glide editor

Any idea why the show edit screen action on a collection item takes approximately 20-30 seconds to show the edit screen in the Glide Editor for my app?

I have around 4000 rows, with minimum computed columns and 3 simple components (not computed) in the edit screen.

On the user device, there is a second delay, but nothing like the 30 seconds in the glide editor?
feels like the entire editor freezes… any idea why?

Could your browser be running low on resources?
If you close your browser completely and restart it, does it improve?

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its a newly purchased Macbook very unlikely this could be the case… i got screens or others tabs in the app that require way more resources and they don’t cause such delay.
I have another app opened in the same browser with 10k rows and hundred of computed columns with more complicated columns (But thats a glide app not page)

I did though just close all other Glide Tabs, seems like its become a million times better.
I can still feel some kind of broken transition from the tab to the overlay show edit form. but no longer a 20-30 second delay.

okay this is very frustrating, and to be honest disappointing …
our glide pages is an ultra mini version of our glide app. There are plenty of design improvements, but not much performance improvement. Actually our app is currently working better with 5k more rows and maybe 200 more computed columns per row.

The Edit Form, or detail screen are taking way way too long to open. From multiple devices. Even after deleting device history. A second is too much so imagine tens of seconds.

  • to note, our screen is based on a user profile table which has a multi relation to the items table (3.5k rows)
  • we have a custom collection. and inside that custom collection we have another collection that again displays the items (3.5 rows related to each other)

I understand that isn’t that simplest of computations/relations, but its only 3.5k rows! our app uses way more and has the same logic to group certain rows in tables.

so those of you calling an edit screen from a simple collection based on a table, might not come across any delay, but seems like we cannot really build more complex apps