Glide apps builder very slow in browser

Good morning, I’ve been using glide for some time now, and I’ve noticed that as the app grows, it becomes slower to edit. I’m already on the second app, and being able to edit labels, and perform other actions, has been taking more and more time.
Currently I open the glide app builder in Google Chrome.
What could I do to have a more fluid app editing/building?

I found this topic in the community with similar problem, but it was not resolved either.

There have been a lot of good explanations by Jeff about app performance. I wish I had bookmarked some of his posts.

A few ideas.

Data Editor: send only needed data to the user’s device and if possible keep things in Glide

  • If possible, use Glide Tables over any other 3rd-party data source (Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable, etc.)
  • Avoid Airtable. The amount if troubleshooting and questions in the forum are a good indicator that Airtable is to be avoided. This is my personal view only.
  • When appropriate, use Row Owners. Less data will be downloaded to user devices, pages should load more quickly.
  • (Relation vs Query. When you set up a Query column, Glide will let you know when using a Relation instead would enhance performance. I wouldn’t worry about this too much, but it’s worth noting that Glide itself has a warning message at times.)
  • (Single Self Relations seem best avoided.)

Layout Editor: don’t load too much on a single tab

  • Avoid duplicating collections on the same tab yet displaying different information via visibility conditions or sorting.
  • Avoid having too many images load on a single tab.
  • Performance in the builder and in production on a device can be different: test outside of the builder.

Sorry but what would be an example of a “Single Self Relation” use?

An example is a relation that links a column in a table to the same column in the same table (self relation). You are relating a row to itself.

When creating the relation, do not check the ‘Multiple’ checkbox. With the checkbox unchecked, it’s a single relation instead of a multiple relation.

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