Curious case of bug, I don't know what else to do

I have a user who constantly complains about the APP’s performance (just him), the photo upload field doesn’t open on his cell phone, he complains about it being slow, among other things

So I added device integration to find out more about the user’s device, I noticed that the cell phone in question was an Android 10 and Chrome was on version 112.0.5615.136 (However, when it went to the playstore, Chrome already appeared as if it were up to date for version 118)

Could this version conflict be the cause of this performance problem? Has anyone ever gone through something similar?

Just to confirm, so you added the columns and then you asked him to show the values on his device?

Can you confirm “went to the playstore” means the user went to the store and tell you the Chrome version is 118?

here is the screenshot of the user’s cell phone app with the device column values in the hint (Chrome 112)

and here is the screenshot of the Google Chrome version on the same phone (Chrome 118)

The point in question is not even the difference in versions, but whether this could be causing any problems with the app’s performance, which would justify what the user has been complaining about.

Difficult to say.
Can you ask them to try with a different device? That would help to narrow the possibilities.

I have 62 users on this application, several different devices, everyone uses the application normally and very well, the user in question constantly complained about it being slow and that when he clicked on upload photos the gallery didn’t open and he couldn’t upload his images

We’ve already checked that the internet was good, your Android is 10 (I believe it meets the glide requirements), we’ve already tried uninstalling and installing again, restarting the phone…

Coincidentally, I added this option to view device information and when I checked the problematic user in question, this difference appeared, which is why I raised my suspicions.

The fact is that I don’t know what else to do, maybe calling a priest to exorcise the cell phone in question would be the next step lol

Yes, but have you tried my suggestion?

If you ask the user to try with another device - even a web browser on his laptop - then you’ll be one step closer to identifying the source of the problem.

If he has a better experience with another device, then that suggests that the problem lies with his original device.

If he has the same poor experience with another device, then that suggests that the problem lies elsewhere.