Android Installed App vs Browser instance

In a couple of my more complex apps, I’m noticing lag issues moving between screens and loading extensive inline lists — this behaviour has only been noticed on Android as I don’t use iOS devices.

What I’ve found is that if I run my app in my browser instead of running the installed app, the experience is perfect and without any noticeable lag.

I don’t know if this is an Android limitation, or if anything can be done on the Glide side to improve the installed app experience. I’ve been going back and forth with @George_B trying to determine what is causing my issues (originally thought to be row owner issue), but I think this is it.

Has anyone else seen this?


Which device and OS? We’ll test it.


BlackBerry Key2. Android 8.1

Same here. HUGE lag on…

Samsung Galaxy Tab E, Android 7 (nougat), Samsung Internet

Can you try running those same apps your device’s browser and see if you see the same improvements that I mentioned in my OP? That is, don’t run them in the installed apps on your home screen, run them in your Chrome browser directly.

A bit less laggy, but still pretty laggy :expressionless:

It could be Chrome tho

Hmm… I have some screens (inline lists that are built using relations) that don’t load at all in my installed app. Sometimes they will load after I clear my Chrome cache/history and/or reboot my device, but after a few minutes and a few Open/Closes of the app, the lists fail to load in the installed app.

When used in the browser, none of these issues happen.

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@David @George_B do you know if this has been confirmed as an issue?

The app I’m working on is unreliable as some data isn’t loading and prevents it from being transferred to the next screen (for form submissions). The browser-based session doesn’t seem to exhibit this behaviour, just the installed app.