"my app" keeps stopping, close app

An old Android tablet (7.0), where my app keeps stopping.
The funny thing is, that other glide apps do work.

The same broken app does work on other Android devices and also works on my tablet over Chrome.

Any thoughts would be welcome, thanks.

(All are page apps, not the old type)

Does the faulty app have a setting or 3rd party integration that other don’t?

No 3rd party integrations, that’s for sure.

As for settings, may be, just not sure what to look at :confused:

For some reason I thought the apps are just renders of the web apps, hence expected it to work “no matter what”

Maybe a cookie or authentication setting?

I don’t think it’s a cookie thing as it never worked before, keeps crashing since day-1.

What might be the auth issue? I don’t see anything unusual :frowning:

Does that app have more computations, more data, or something else that may be causing it to use more processing power or memory? Is it running an older version of Chrome? Really hard to say off the top of my head.

Is there a log I can follow?
There is absolutely anything I can think of :confused:

I even converted my app to glide pages and it didn’t help either.

Ryan (Yaron) BY

Unfortunately the chrome browser in android doesn’t have an inspection tool like there is on a desktop. That would be the first place I would look for any console messages showing errors. I really don’t know what to look for specifically.