App keeps crashing on Android 7 version

TeamID: HR2t5yDdURY1FMp1gXfO

  • In the Glide dashoard URL, e.g.

App ID: 4KI29qdN9FRmOf9dwoi4

  • In the Glide builder URL, e.g.


  • This is happening only over my Android 7 tablet. App keeps crashing before opening.
    I’ve recreated it as a page rather than the legacy apps - same happens.
    Have matched all settings with a different working Glide - the same happens.
    Reinstalled the app numerous times - and the same happened.

How to replicate

  • Install the app (is it because of Android 7? or anything else?) and click on the app’s icon.

Android 7 is not supported by Glide: System Requirements | Glide Docs

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