Per-user data : how users are recognized?


One of my App user seems to have trouble getting connected. I think he makes it difficult as he is using different browsers (Safari and Chrome), trying from different countries (France, Germany, Austria) and probably using right now a code sent in the morning…

Can you explain a little on what criteria are the logins based?


The pin only works once and has a time limit on how long it will work. But if it is used it will no longer work. Each device would need to “login” via this pin method. A cookie is written on the device that it is used. This can be browser specific, depending on where cookies are stored so if on the same device, if two different browsers are used, the user would most likely have to log in for each browser. Once logged in the first time there would be no need to further log in for about a year. The cookie written expires in a year I believe.

Ok, crystal clear. Thanks!