"I already have a pin" doesn't work. Can't reuse pin

Hi There,

I seem to not be able to reuse the pin that has been generated.
Enterring the previously generated pin will not work.
A user would need to re-generate a pin (i.e. get another one sent to your email).
It’s a minor annoyance.

Anyone else having the same problem?
Thank you very much for your time.

Pins are not passwords. They are used only one time to authenticate a particular device. Once the device is authenticated to your email, you shouldn’t ever have enter a pin for that device again. You have to to generate a pin for each device that you are attempting to authenticate.

The pin is a one time thing. You can’t reuse it and there is no need on the same device. When you use the email/pin method for your apps a browser cookie is created on the device. Subsequent runs on that device “logs” you in. If you run the app on multiple devices you need to do the email/pin log in again. If you clear your cookies you would need to do the email/pin process again.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager @George_B for the reply and explanation!

But then, what is the point of the “I already have a pin.” button?

The pin “lasts” for 10 min I believe. That is just in case you closed down the app and reloaded it. You can use the pin already sent but just for a little while.

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Ah I see. Thanks!

I still think the button is going to create a tiny confusion with users. But it is not a big deal since it only affects people use multiple devices. They will eventually just regenerate the pin if it doesnt work. Might be a bigger deal when Sign Out is introduced.

A potential solution might be to provide an explanation in the email with the pin code that this is a one time use only to authenticate a device.

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I agree with the confusion. I have seen that already with my app.