Path name not updating on breadcrumbs [Pages]

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Describe the bug:
When creating custom Action in Glide Pages to link to a new screen, the name of the screen does not show up, event when manually inputted. This started occurring after the new additions of the Data Grid and Web Embed elements.

Expected Behaviour:
Load new page with page name showing up in the breadcrumb menu.

How to replicate:

  1. Create a collection
  2. Create a custom action, or a normal action, linking to a “New Screen” for that item
  3. Click on whatever element opens that new screen


@SantiagoPerez can you take a look? Thank you!


Taking a look!


Thanks for flagging! A ticket has been created.


Any progress? Anywhere I can monitor this ticket?

I will add, refreshing the page seems to add the breadcrumb link. but it does not automatically as it used to.

Thank you

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Any update on this issue?

Hi, this was resolved for me.

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