Link to Screen Consistently Breaks

My app’s URL:

Ok so everytime I make my images link to the Users Tab/Page and have a set screen name for it I spend 6 hours building these links and their screens. After 2 days the link to screen jumps to another Sheet Tab/Page. I have spent well over 30 hours redoing these every couple of days. Here is where it is sending these links currently, This is what it reset itself to:

They were going to:


Now for the 4th time I have to redo these links. If I can’t get this to work consistently I will have to switch this app to Adalo.

Mark is looking at this bug now, and has an idea for how to fix it.


When you guys figure out what causes it can you please let me know. Even if I have to do something differently it’s better than having to redo them again. Do you guys have on your end any way to revert an app to a previous version that maybe you might have stored?

i had same problem, and what it was that i have filter formula on that sheet that was filtering out items, so row ID is the same but values changes, i worked around that filter and took it out, now link is good.
only problem is link must to a list, if is tab home screen it will copy link to the App not to the tab… i hope they will fix it.

This has been ongoing for 2 weeks now. No filters, just a link that changes randomly.

are you sure you dont have any filter, lookup… any formula that will affect row data in google sheet?

I mean no offense when I say this to you, but I am 100% positive. This is literally my 95th Glide app I have made in the last 6 months.

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no offense taken, now i have problem… relation column is not working, the ones i created before are ok, i am trying to add new one and is not showing related items…?!

@Drearystate Could you please send me a support link and tell me exactly where the screen is that changes?

Does this happen only with custom actions?