Links to items

links to items goes to a different item if someone delete any item. Any solution to prevent that?


Can you show or tell us more so we can better understand your issue?

i add button to copy link to a current screen, it works good until someone delete any item or filter will eliminate item, then link will go to a different screen, sorry for my english, is not my primary language

I understand what your saying. This has happened to me as well, your best bet is to link to screen and rebuild screen if your screen is changing that often. Or just stack the Go Back actions to get you back to where you need to be.

i don’t think that would help me, in my App users are posting items to sell and copy link to that item to share on social media, but if someone delete any item or the item is sold or expired all the links to other items will take you to deferent item ;-( I don’t know how to work around this problem

Each person should have a column of their own, just like row owner you create column owners. Then their items are a inline list which is dynamic and ever changing and you never have to screw with it again.


it is an public App people come and go, each item have many columns… this will be very hard to do

Can you post a video of what’s happening? I’ve seen issues before when a row is physically removed from the sheet and all the rows are shifted up and that would cause the app to show a different row because the position in the sheet changes. How are you handling the deleting of items? Is it just a delete button, which clears out the row, or are you running a script which not only clears the row, but physically deletes it so all other rows move up in the sheet?

As a test I went into a list item in one of my test apps and grabbed the deep link. Then I deleted the row through the app using Edit > Delete button. Then I opened the deep link and it still goes through the motions of taking me to the row that was deleted, but since it didn’t exist anymore, it just showed the row item without any data. It didn’t redirect me to a different row item.


i figure that the problem was that my sheet have a filter function and it changes items visibility. I took out this filter and add in-app filter.