Don't delete list's item from share link

Hi. Help me plz. i can delete list’s item in glideapp, but in share link i can’t. i delete from share link, but in gsheet don’t delete. Help me plz

I can’t delete items when i go to list with relation

Have you tried a button inside the details view of each item with the action being “Delete row”?

thanks for the answer. button(delete row) in details view works, now set it up like this. but i want delete row from listview, it’s comfortable. delete row in listview works, but not with relation in listview. maybe this is a bug?

What are you trying to delete from the relation? Aren’t you trying to delete that specific item you’re clicking?

there is an order, and each order contains products with barcodes. on the main page a list of orders, inside a list of products of this order. if the sources indicate a regular sheet table, then deletion in the list works. and if you specify the source through a relation, then the deletion does not work. uninstall works in glideapps but doesn’t work on real device. Adding works, but deleting doesn’t work.

Are you trying to delete multiple rows?

no, only single row

Is the relation set up as a multiple relation?

no, one relation. this problem is solved, i add “delete row” button in view details

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